The Photoshop Color Match tool lets you borrow the color from one image and use it to recolor another one. So, for example, if you have an image shot in daylight that you want to make look more like a photo taken at sunset, Color Match can do all the work for you.

Open the two images in Photoshop – the image to change and an image shot at sunset which contains good sunset colors. It doesn’t matter what the sunset image looks like – it doesn’t have to be in focus or nicely shot – all you need is good sunset colors.

Click on the image to convert to a sunset image and choose Image > Adjustments > Match Color. From the Source dropdown list select the image that you will be borrowing the colors from. This automatically recolors your photo to match the sunset image’s colors more closely.

You probably won’t get a perfect result just from doing this so now adjust the Color Intensity, Luminance and Fade sliders until you get a result that you like. The Color Intensity slider adjusts the color saturation, the Luminance slider lets you adjust the brightness of the effect, and the Fade slider fades the effect to blends it back into the original image.

In some circumstances choosing the Neutralize checkbox may also give good results.

Click Ok when you are done.

Helen Bradley