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Video Tutorials

by Helen Bradley

Photoshop - Layers Tips and Tricks

Learn how to create and use layers in Photoshop.


Illustrator CS6 - PatternMaker

Learn to use the new Pattern maker in Illustrator CS6 to make repeating patterns.


iPad - Recore Your iPad Screen

Easily record your iPad screen for things like YouTube videos.


iPad - OmniSketch Seurat Background

Learn to make a Seruat style background in OmniSketch on the iPad to use as a background for your images.


iPad - OmniSketch Mirror Heart iPad Drawing

Learn to use OmniSketch on the iPad to make a mirror image drawing over a Seurat style background effect.


Photoshop - Film Frame Photo Effect

Learn how to create a faux effect for an image so it looks as if it is a frame extracted from a movie. Uses a vignette, photo filter, noise and other effects to achieve the look.


Lightroom - Split tone effect

Learn how to apply a split tone effect in Lightroom. Includes how to convert the image into black and white, how to apply the split tone effect, and how to apply a vignette to finish off the effect.


Photoshop - Split and Join Paths

Learn how to split a closed path in Photoshop into two parts and how to join an open shape to make a closed shape.


Photoshop - Quick Fix for dull foggy images

Photoshop Levels offers is a simple way to fix dull, lifeless images. Learn how to apply a Levels Adjustment layer to an image, how to read the histogram chart and how to use it to fix your image in seconds.


Photoshop - Replace A Sky using BlendIf

Use Photoshop's BlendIF command to blend a new sky into an image. Saves making complex selections - it is a quick and easy fix when there is some detail in the sky - just not the color that you want. A fast way to replace a poor sky with a new one.


Photoshop - Underexposed Image Quick Fix

Learn to apply this quick fix in Photoshop to brighten an underexposed image. It is a simple fix which works on any image and is fast and easy. It uses the Screen blend mode to fix the image using its own image data.


Photoshop - Overexposed Image Quick Fix

Learn to use this simple Photoshop fix for an overexposed image. The fix is quick and easy and works on any image. It harnesses the power of the Multiply blend mode to do the work.


Lightroom 4 - Simple Photo Frame Effect

See how to create a simple framed image effect in Lightroom 3 & 4. Includes an Identity Plate to display your name below the image.



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