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Video Tutorials

by Helen Bradley

Illustrator - Make paisleys with graphic styles

Learn how to make paisley shapes in Illustrator using Graphic Styles. Includes how to create graphic styles such as scallop edges stroke style, dotted stroke and a stroke that shows dots that vary in size from big to small.


Photoshop Elements - Color Fix Images

Learn to fix images that have iPhone filters applied to them in Photoshop Elements by removing unwanted color casts from them. Two methods are shown.


Lightroom - Edit in Photoshop

Learn how to take an image from Lightroom to Photoshop and back again. You will see how to ensure that the image appears back in Lightroom automatically added to the catalog.


Lightroom - Faux Orton Effect

See how to create a Faux Orton Effect in Lightroom and to save the effect as a preset to reuse over and over again.


Photoshop - Heart Shape Crop

Crop an image to a heart shape or any other shape in Photoshop. Uses a filled shape and a clipping mask.


Photoshop - Droste Effect

Create the Droste Effect in Photoshop CS4 or CS5 or CS5.5 (not supported in CS6). Uses Bender and the Droste Filter.


Photoshop Masks 101 - Spot Color effect

Create a spot color or isolated color effect in Photoshop.


Photoshop - Make Custom Buttons

Make your own custom glossy buttons in Photoshop - shows how to layer pieces on top of each other, and how to use Styles, a gradient and Warp to quickly and simply create a button in just a few steps.


Lightroom - Import Presets

Speed up and streamline importing images into Lightroom using Import Presets.


Photoshop - Complex designs from simple shapes

Learn how to create complex designs in Photoshop from simple shapes. Learn how to quickly rotate shapes, how to find and fill them and some ideas for using them in your own work.



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