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Illustrator for Lunch™

These are my Illustrator for Lunch™ classes available on Skillshare. Each link will take you direct to the appropriate Skillshare page for that class. At the time of writing, if you click one of these links you will get an offer to join Skillshare for 99¢ for 3 months which will give you access to all 15,000+ classes on Skillshare and including all of my classes listed here:

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Real Time Mandala Design

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Real Time Mandala Design

Make a mandala template which updates in real time so you can draw in one area and the entire reflection and rotation takes place as you draw. It's the simplest and most practical way to create awesome mandalas very quickly.

Illustrator for Lunch - Pattern in a Pattern - Achieving the Impossible in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch - Pattern in a Pattern - Achieving the Impossible in Illustrator

See how to use a pattern inside another pattern in Illustrator - it's impossible but I'll show you a workable workaround.

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Real Time Mirror Drawing - Symmetrical drawing

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Real Time Mirror Drawing - Symmetrical drawing

This is a companion class to my real time mandala class. Here you will setup a document which mirrors your drawing in real time and which also crops elements which extend over the center line so you don't have to draw neatly!

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create a Wave Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create a Wave Pattern

Not the easiest pattern to create this wave pattern is hand drawn and we'll use some simple techniques to make sure the waves are seamlessly curved with no bumps or obvious joins.

Illustrator for Lunch 10 pen tool and path tips

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 10 Pen tool and Path Tips in 10 Minutes or Less

Quite simply learn 10 must know path tool tips for working in Illustrator. My favorite is how to 'stick' direction handles back together so you can move them and how to use the new Curvature tool in Illustrator.

Illustrator for Lunch Create Perfectly Overlapped Rotated Shapes

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create Perfectly Overlapped Rotated Shapes

When you rotate overlapped shapes in Illustrator the last overlap looks, well, basically horrible. In this class you will learn how to clean up the last rotations to get perfect overlapped shapes.

Illustrator for Lunch Create an Ikat Inspired Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create an Ikat Inspired Pattern

See how easy it is to create an Ikat style pattern in Illustrator using the Wrinkle tool (and see how to set it for best results too!)

Illustrator for Lunch Make a 2017 Calendar from Scratch

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make a 2017 Calendar from Scratch - Grids, Layouts, Text, Patterns & More

Learn to make a calendar for any year (maybe get a run on 2018?) in Illustrator - you'll learn to use some of the handy text features in Illustrator for creating tables of text.

Illustrator for Lunch One Design Concept

Illustrator for Lunch™ - One Design Concept - Many Variations

See a process for taking a single design and altering it by altering shapes and fills to make multiple variations of that one design. You will walk away from this class with new knowledge for creating a variety of patterns from one single idea.

Illustrator for Lunch Pop Art Style Star Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Pop Art Style Star Pattern

This class investigates a process for assembling a complex pattern without having to get the elements positioned exactly. You will see how to create this pattern so it's perfectly aligned without having to do any of the alignment work yourself.

Illustrator for Lunch String Art Inspired Designs

Illustrator for Lunch™ - String Art Inspired Designs

This class is based on the retro craft of string art where you wrapped string around nails in a board. Here you'll make similar parabolic forms in Illustrator and turn them into a range of wonderful designs that you can use in your art.

Illustrator for Lunch Make a 3D Y Shape Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make a 3D Y Shape Pattern - from paper illustration to digital design

Come with me on a journey from looking at a design on paper and determining how to render it in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Meandering Hexagon Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Meandering Hexagon Pattern

Learn to make this simple looking but quite complex to make pattern - it might be complex but it is lots of fun and you'll love the results

Illustrator for Lunch Spiral Pattern Class

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make an Organic Spiral Pattern

Learn to make this wonderful spiral repeating pattern swatch in Illustrator


Illustrator 10 in 10 Align Tips

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 10 in 10 - 10 Align tips in 10 minutes or less

Learn the basics (and not so basics) of aligning objects and anchors in Illustrator

Illustrator 10 in 10 Type Tips

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 10 in 10 - 10 Type Tips in 10 minutes (or less)

From Touch Type to Dingbats and Text on a path, you'll learn to work with type in Illustrator


Illustrator 10 in 10 Great Tips

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 10 in 10 - Ten Top Illustrator Tips in 10 Minutes

This is a grabbag of 10 awesome tips for working with everything from brushes to patterns and from selections to the pen tool in Illustrator


Illustrator 10 in 10 Pattern Tips

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 10 Pattern tips in 10 Minutes

An awesome grabbag of Pattern making and recoloring tips for Illustrator. Seriously, if you are into pattern making then you need this class.

Illustrator 3D Extrusion Effect

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 3D Extrusion Effects - Text, Shapes, 3D

Make extruded shapes with ease in Illustrator

Illustrator 4 Exotic Patterns

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 4 Exotic Patterns - Quatrefoils, Moroccan Trellis, and Layered Diamond

Beautiful patterns is what this class is all about - making exotic and very beautiful repeating pattern swatches

Illustrator 4 Handy Patterns

Illustrator for Lunch™ - 4 Handy Patterns - Diagonals, Plaid, Colorful Dots, Chevron

Learn to make stripes, simple plaid, dots and a chevron pattern in Illustrator

Illustrator Abstract Ombre Background

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Abstract Ombre Background - Color Scheme, Blend, Transform

These amazing ombre backgrounds are so fun and easy to make and you'll learn some cool tricks along the way

Illustrator for Lunch Background for your projects

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Backgrounds for your projects - Sunbursts, Halftone, Blends & Brushes

Make some great backgrounds for your Illustrator projects

Illustrator Blends and Gradients

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Blends and Gradients - Blends, Blend Modes, Gradients

Learn to turn blends into wonderful spirals and ribbons of color

Illustrator for Lunch Circle Based Patterns

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Circle Based Patterns - Rotate, Blend, Multi-Color Dots

These patterns are all based on circles and they are fun and easy to make and so attractive too

Illustrator for Lunch Complex Rotated Pattern Using MadPattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Complex Rotated Repeating Patterns Made Easy - Using MadPattern templates

The MadPattern templates are a set of free and downloadable pattern creation tools - they are indescribably wonderful and I'll show you how to find and use them

Illustrator for Lunch Textured Dot Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create a Textured Dot Pattern - Transform, Vector Texture, Patterns

This pattern is a fun one where an overlay is used to trim the texture so you can paint it on at random without having to clean it up after

Illustrator for Lunch Isometric Cube Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create an Isometric Cube Pattern - Shape Builder, Align, Pattern Make

This is the first of my 3D video classes - in this one you'll learn to make a 3D cube and then you'll turn it into a wonderful pattern

Illustrator for Lunch Create Patterns

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Create Diamond, Harlequin and Argyle Patterns

Love diamonds? This is the class for you - all things diamond are showcased and we wrap up with a wonderful Argyle pattern

Illustrator for Lunch Custom Corner Tiles

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Custom Corner Tiles for Pattern Brushes

Learn to make your own custom (dare I say it "cute") corner tiles for pattern brushes

Illustrator for Lunch doodle style heart

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Doodle-Style Heart - DIY Brushes and Nested Shapes

Love to doodle? Here's how to take your doodle style drawings to Illustrator to make a doodle style heart - can we say this is Zentangle® inspired?

Illustrator for Lunch Draw Retro

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Draw a Retro TV - Shapes, Texture & Sunburst

One of my fave retro shapes is a retro TV - here you will learn to draw the TV and add a home made sunburst background complete with a texture overlay

Illustrator for Lunch Draw a Vintage Birdcage

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Draw a Vintage Birdcage - Shapes, Transform, Texture

This fun project teaches you to make a vintage birdcage using a heap of handy Illustrator tools

Illustrator for Lunch Faux Tissue Paper Collage

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Faux Tissue Paper Collage - Blending, Texture, Transparency

Probably my most popular Illustrator for Lunch™ class - you will learn to create a faux tissue paper effect using a photo for color and shape reference

Illustrator for Lunch Fun effects with graphic styles

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Fun Effects with Graphic Styles - Appearances, Brushes, Styles

You will be amazed at what can be stored in an Illustrator Graphic Style - you will learn to find, download and use free graphic styles and to make your own too

Illustrator for Lunch Fun with Scripts

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Fun with Scripts - Download, Install, Run

There are some great free scripts you can download and use in Illustrator. This first class of a two part series explores some of these scripts and how you can use them

Illustrator for Lunch Going in Circles

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Going in Circles - Brushes, Blends & Transformations

Explore some of the ways you can create a circle of dots and some of the differences in how each method works

Illustrator for Lunch Gradient Background

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Gradient Background Effects - Find, Adapt, Create & Use

Learn to create gradients and some dimensional effects using them

Illustrator for Lunch Houndstooth and Rose Vector Halltone Tracing

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Houndstooth & Rose - Vector Halftone Tracing & Houndstooth Pattern

Take a photo of a rose and learn to trace it in Illustrator and then apply a halftone effect to it. Also create a custom houndstooth pattern

Illustrator for Lunch I'm Seeing Stars

Illustrator for Lunch™ - I'm Seeing Stars - Fill, Warp, Clip & Crop Shapes

Fun with stars! You'll make patterns from them and then distort them, use them as clipping masks and wrap them around a 3D sphere

Illustrator for Lunch In the Frame

Illustrator for Lunch™ - In the Frame - Shapes, Fills, Strokes & Color

Take a humble font character and use it as the basis for making a curly bracket frame

Illustrator for Lunch In the Kitchen

Illustrator for Lunch™ - In the Kitchen - Cartoon Art with Live Paint

Use the pencil tool to draw a cartoon style image (from a design you can download) and then color it with the Live Paint tool
Illustrator for Lunch Layered Paper Style Collage

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Layered Paper Style Collage - Gradients, Graphic Styles, Transform

Learn to make 3D paper style effects with gradients and graphic styles and build a layered paper image

Illustrator for Lunch Lets Go Steampunk!

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Let's Go Steampunk! - Shapes, Rotation, Textures

Learn to rotate and work with shapes and textures while creating some steampunk gear shapes

Illustrator for Lunch Make a Lace Pattern Brush

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make a Lace Pattern Brush - Stroke, Blends, Pattern Tiles, Rotation

Make a lacy pattern brush complete with custom start and end tiles

Illustrator for Lunch make art brushes

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make Art Brushes - Configure, Color & Scale

Learn the basics of making and coloring Art Brushes in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Make Art using other poeple's art

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make Art Using Other People's Art

Learn to pull apart other people's designs, take the elements you want to use and assemble them into your own piece of work

Illustrator organic style patterns

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make Custom Organic Patterns - Transform, Scissors, Align, Pattern Swatch

See how to make organic style patterns in Illustrator so that the pattern will tile seamlessly

Illustrator for Lunch Make Scrapbook papers to sell

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make Scrapbook Papers to Sell - Patterns, File Formats, Marketing Materials

Learn to make patterns for scrapbook paper and package them to sell online

Illustrator for Lunch Make to sell Printables

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make to Sell Printables - Stripes, Grid, Lines & Isometric Grid

Learn to make grids, lines and stripe patterns in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch More fun with scripts

Illustrator for Lunch™ - More fun with Scripts - Text to code, more scripts, more fun (trees too!)

This second of the two scripting classes explores using more free scripts for Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Mulit-color faux Pattern

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Multi-Color Faux Pattern - Patterns, Transform, Expand

Make a faux hexagon pattern in Illustrator in which each hexagon can be recolored independently of the others

Illustrator for lunch neon effect

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Neon Effect - Appearances, Graphic Styles, Fonts

Draw a shape with the pen or pencil tool and apply your own custom neon look to it as well as learning to create neon text

Illustrator for lunch On a pattern making safari

Illustrator for Lunch™ - On (a pattern making) Safari - Repeating Patterns

Make a range of safari style patterns including zebra skin and faux leopard patterns

Illustrator for lunch Pattern know-how

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Pattern Know-how - Install, Transform, Recolor

A quick overview of working with patterns in Illustrator - learn to download and use patterns and how to scale and recolor them

Illustrator for lunch road trip

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Road Trip - Custom Brushes and Live Paint

Learn to draw an image from a sketch (which I will give you), color it with Live Paint and then create an off register print effect

Illustrator for lunch season greetings

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Season's Greetings - Shapes, Brushes, Texture

Learn to make a wreath from a custom made art brush and add text and a texture to your design

Illustrator for Lunch Semi Transparent Flowers

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Semi Transparent Flowers - Scatter Brushes, Opacity, Blend Modes

Learn to make semi transparent scatter brush flowers in Illustrator and learn some interesting things about blend modes and Illustrator objects

Illustrator for Lunch Sketchy Image Effect

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Sketchy Image Effect - Image Trace, Swatches, Sketchy Effect

Turn a photo in to a vector shape using a custom limited color palette and then apply a sketchy effect to your vector art

Illustrator for Lunch Something's Fishy

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Something's Fishy - Appearance Panel Tips & Tricks

A class jam packed with things to know about the Illustrator Appearance panel. This is a class which is guaranteed to amaze you with what this panel can do

Illustrator for Lunch Stipple Texture Effect

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Stipple Texture Effect - Grain, Gradients, Blends

Create a fun stipple texture effect to add dimension to your illustrations.

Illustrator for Lunch Type on a Path

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Type on a Path - Type, Paths, Shapes

Learn to place type on a path in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Using Photoshop Objects in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Using Photoshop Objects in Illustrator - Images, Shapes, Patterns and more

Take Photoshop objects, shapes and patterns to Illustrator to use them there

Illustrator for Lunch Vector Textures

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Vector Textures - Vectors, Clipping Masks, Pathfinder

Learn to apply vector textures to your images in different ways either to add color or to poke holes in your image to allow the background to show through

Illustrator for Lunch Warp Shaps and Text

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Warp Shapes & Text - Envelope Distort, Warp, Gradients

Distort images and text to fit inside shapes in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Watercolor Magic

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Watercolor Magic - Type, Downloaded Patterns & Brushes

Fill text with a watercolor pattern and cut text out of a watercolor brush line in Illustrator (also learn to use the Touch Type tool)

Illustrator for Lunch Zentangle Inspired Pattern Brushes

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Zentangle® Inspired Pattern Brushes - Shapes, Effects, Brushes

Make Illustrator pattern brushes that use Zentangle® Inspired designs

Illustrator for Lunch Banner and Awards Badges

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Banner and Award Badges - Appearance Panel, Masks, Warp

Learn to make award badges and ribbons in Illustrator


Illustrator for Lunch Clipping Masks

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Clipping Masks, Opacity Masks & Layer Masks

Create fun effects using the power of Clipping masks, Opacity masks and Layer Masks in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch Cutout Text Effects

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Cutout Text Effects - Photos, Pathfinder & Text

This is a fun class which shows how to create editable cutout text effects in Illustrator

Illustrator for Lunch In Your Face

Illustrator for Lunch™ - In Your Face - Pen Tool Practice

Draw a portrait in Illustrator. Even if you think you suck at drawing you'll be able to make a great portrait - I promise

Illustrator for Lunch Make Retro Shapes

Illustrator for Lunch™ - Make Retro Shapes - Pathfinder, Scripts, Rotation

Take a step back in time and learn how to make some retro shapes in Illustrator

Draw a Hot Air Ballon

Draw a Hot Air Balloon in Illustrator - Fun with 3D!

This class teaches you the basics of working with 3D objects in Illustrator and you will learn to make a fun hot air balloon illustration


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