When you’re working with different areas on an Excel worksheet it sometimes helps to name the area or range as Excel calls it.

You might do this so that you can easily select a print area from a number of different printing areas on the worksheet or where you want to move very quickly to a named area which is in an out of the way place on the worksheet.

To name a range, select the cell or range of cells to name and choose Insert, Name, Define and give the cell or range a name. You can use whatever name you like, it just must be a single word name with no spaces and it can’t start with a number. When you’re done, click OK.

Now look up to the top left corner of the screen to the left of the formula bar you will see a small Name dropdown list. You can dropdown the list and select the named cell from the list and you will automatically go to it and, if it is a range, it will be automatically selected ready, for example, for printing.

Helen Bradley