Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Remove Edits to a Photo in Camera RAW

It’s not easy to find, but you can strip away the camera raw edits from a photo

Sometimes I look at the edits I’ve made to a photo a few months later and I think – What was I thinking? I simply hate what I did to the photo. I want the original image back so I can work on it again. But how to do that? You see there is no reset button in Adobe Camera RAW that matches the Reset button in Lightroom. It’s easy to do in Lightroom but not obvious how to do it in ACR.

If you get stuck like this and you want to reset an image in Camera RAW, first open the image in Camera RAW and then go to the Presets panel:


Open the flyout menu and choose Camera RAW Defaults. Instantly all your fixes will be removed from the image – whether they were applied in Camera RAW or Lightroom and the image will be back to how it looked out of the camera – Yeah!

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Resize and Position Photos in SmartArt Placeholders


Yikes! Just how do you resize a photo inside a PowerPoint or Word SmartArt placeholder

I got an email from a reader this morning. He has a PowerPoint slide (but it could as easily be a Word document or an Excel worksheet) and he wants to size a photo inside a placeholder. You see he was making an organization chart and he was dealing with lots of different head shots – all photographed differently. He wanted to make the faces the same relative size inside the placeholders – but to do this he had to get access to the photos inside the placeholders.

You see that’s the problem, every time you right click the placeholder and choose Size and Position you’re affecting the placeholder not the thing inside it! The solution is to use the Crop tool – so click on the placeholder and choose Picture Tools > Format tab and click the Crop tool.

Now you get handles around your photo and you can drag the handles to resize the image and you can move it to change its position inside the placeholder. When you’re done, click Crop again to finish. Easy when you know how.

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Thank You Font Creators!

Free fonts for commercial use – thank you!


I’m making this post in celebration of the wonderful typographers who have made their fonts available for use in my projects. Creating an elegant and legible font can be very difficult; giving it away for free must be even harder. I would like to present some of my favorite fonts to help give them the exposure they deserve and pay the authors back for all of their hard work (and so you can enjoy them too!). These fonts are all free and take seconds to install. They’re also really really great.


Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded Font

Scrappy Looking Font

Cutie Patootie


Monday, June 9th, 2014

Find the Recycle bin in Windows

how to display recycle bin in windows

Help! My Recycle Bin just disappeared!

This is a major annoyance – your Recycle bin just ups and disappears from your Desktop. Well it’s easy to get back – when you know how.

Click the Start button and type Desktop Icons – wait as the search results appear. Click Show or hide common icons on the desktop to open the Desktop Icon Settings dialog.

Here you will find icons for common tools including the Recycle Bin. Click its checkbox to select it and click Ok to return it to the desktop. Notice too that you can add icons for My Computer, Your User Account files, Network and the Control Panel to your desktop  by simply clicking the appropriate checkboxes.