I know how to convert acres to hectares, I know how to convert feet and inches to centimetres and even centimeters but this site is scary weird with what it can convert: Conversiontable.org.

It can convert things I never heard of and certainly can’t spell. And who knew there were such things as Barns and Bunders (hint: they are units of measure), or Labors, Hundreds, Homesteads and Hides?

If you’re ignorant of the finer measures in life, head over to this site and check it out. It’s deliciously retro in design with a Matrix colour scheme of blindingly monochromatic CP/M green and black.

On the practical side, you can convert currency, shoe sizes, liquids and land – just about anything and everything is covered here.

If you’re just a helpless geek like me, check out the wonderful world of units of measure – it’s way more riveting a dinner party conversation than what’s on TV this week. Oh, and as an aside, if you’re at one of my dinner parties, please don’t get me started on the shipwreck they’re making of the US adaptation of the award winning Australian TV series Kath and Kim.

Hint: Check out the original Oz version and plan to clean your bathroom on Oct 7 – it’ll be much more fun!

Helen Bradley