See the new transitions in PowerPoint 2013 including airplane and origami. There are some great new transitions and this video shows you what they are, what they look like and some of the settings for them.


Hello, I’m Helen Bradley.

Welcome to this video tutorial. In this tutorial I’m going to show you the new transitions in PowerPoint 2013. In this video I’m going to show you the transitions that are new in PowerPoint 2013 and we’re just going to run through them seeing them on this particular presentation. Now all of these have been in PowerPoint for some considerable time. The first of the new ones is fall over and it looks as if the slide is falling over to reveal the next slide. This is drape. Again, it’s a new transition. And curtains. This is wind.

Now with any of these transitions you can speed them up. You can see that the curtains transition takes quite a while to run but if I set it to 3 seconds then it’s going to occur a lot more quickly. Here are some more of the newer transitions, prestige. Then there’s fracture and crush and then peel off. Now like some of the other transitions this has different effect options so you can peel off from the left or the right. Then there’s page curl. And, again page curl has some different options. And airplane. The effect options for this allow you to change the direction in which the airplane flies out. And origami.

This also has effect options for the direction in which the bird flies. And finally there’s one additional transition and it’s called comb. So these are the new transitions in PowerPoint 2013.

I’m Helen Bradley.

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