Ok, so this post is seriously off topic but I just had to write it. I subscribe to a great email newsletter written by horseman Doug Emerson and which you can find here: www.profitablehorseman.com.

He writes great stuff, common sense, smart and very business oriented. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from his ‘pearls of wisdom’ whether or not you know what end of a horse the food goes in.

Ok so what about the Make My Day bit. Well, I took the time to write to Doug today to say hi and thanks for his stuff. It was just a short email, a few lines but very soon a reply came back and in it he said “you made my day!” – that’s exactly what I feel when someone who has read an article I wrote writes to say “Hi and Thanks”. When the “Hi and Thanks” comes without strings, no questions attached, just an out of the blue pat on the back it really does just that, it makes your day, whoever you are.

So, my challenge to you? Go ahead and make someone’s day. Next time you read something and think “that was good/cool/interesting/well written…” email them. Say hi and thanks. Pass the good word feelings around, curiously, I think (in the process), you’ll find it makes your day too!

Helen Bradley