Saving paper is easy with Microsoft Office. Here are some cool ways you can save paper when printing (other than the very obvious option to not print in the first place!)

1 Use Shrink to Fit in Word’s Print Preview to size your document down so it takes one less page.

2 Use the options in Excel’s File > Page Setup dialog to select the number of pages wide and tall to print onto – the document will be scaled down to fit.

3 Use Print Preview – every time – before you print. Check your document thoroughly to make sure there aren’t errors in layout or design before you waste paper finding out!

4 Print in duplex (double sided) where possible and if your printer allows.

5 For documents which you’re printing for archive or reference purposes – print 2 up so you get 2 “document” pages on each sheet of paper – if you duplex this you’ll get 4 pages per sheet.

6 Use Internet Explorer’s Send to OneNote 2007 feature to save web pages for reference to a OneNote notebook rather than printing them.

7 Install the Office 2007 PDF writer and save documents as PDFs to email instead of post. Find it at:

8 Instead of printing Slides in PowerPoint one per page, use the Handout option to print up to 9 per page.

9 Email documents to other users when working on documents as a team. Use the Track Changes feature in Word to mark up changes so they can be seen, shared and evaluated.

10 To print only part of a worksheet, select the area to print and choose File > Print > Selection.

Helen Bradley