pdf to jpeg jpg online conversion free

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that I often need to convert a PDF file to some other format. I’ve showed you in the past how to extract data from a PDF file direct to Word but today my problem was that I wanted a well laid out pdf document to retain its look.

Unfortunately, the way it was created I couldn’t edit it to add my signature but I could do this in Word if I could get it there.

The solution was to convert it online using http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-jpg. This easy to use site converts from 120 or more formats to JPG which is exactly what I wanted. It even allows you to upload a hefty file – up to 100 MB which means that it’s pretty damn big.

All you need do is to either enter a URL of the file to convert or click Browse and grab a file from your computer. You can set the quality settings – I selected Best Quality, and then optionally set the final image size, color and even apply some enhancements such as sharpening, anti-alias, despeckle and so on.

For a simple PDF to JPEG conversion, I left everything as it was and clicked Convert File. In less than a minute I had a zip file ready for download.

I could also have opted to have it emailed to me. You can, once you’ve downloaded your file, select to delete it or download it up to ten times within a 24-hour period. I opted to delete my file which is a nice option when a file may contain sensitive information,

If you visit the home page at http://image.online-convert.com you’ll have lots more options for converting to and from different formats.

This site is dead easy to use and it does the job – you simply can’t ask for more than that.

Helen Bradley