One way you can strengthen your images is to use a limited color palette. This involves actually choosing areas/things to include in your images and what to leave out.

When you aren’t seletive about color you run the risk of including a lot of color which can be visually confusing especially when it doesn’t add to the photo.

So, a shot of colored flags or colored shapes is great because the shot is all about color but lots of color in an image about something else can just add up to clutter and is distracting. Here the color works because the scene is supposed to be busy:

When I am shooting I will often try to limit the color palette by selectively leaving out areas of a scene that have colors that aren’t in the palette I am using. I may also look out for specific color such as in doors and buildings that are interesting simply because of the colors used. I might also look for a scene like this where the colors suit the subject matter and reinforce the desolation:

Here the bright colors and the contrast in the red and green make for a great image – it wouldn’t be the same if the building were white or pale green for example:

Like everything you shoot, it helps to be aware of color and how you can use it to make better photos.


Helen Bradley