Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Draw a Cartoon Bird in Illustrator – Harness the Power of the Shape Builder Tool

learn to use the Shape Builder tool to make simple cartoon art - illustrator tutorial for beginners

Draw a cute cartoon style bird in Illustrator – a great beginner project!

When you are learning to use Illustrator a fun project can make your learning less of a chore. That’s why I created this video – this cartoon style bird is easy to make using basic shapes in Illustrator. You will learn how to make the shapes and assemble the bird and the background so you end up with a finished piece of art that you made all by yourself. You will learn to use fill and strokes, to make basic shapes and how to use the Shape Builder tool to join shapes together and even to remove pieces from shapes. This tool is an alternative to using the Pathfinder options and, when you are starting out, it is a good tool to learn to use. Although this video also shows the use of some Pathfinder options too.

This project also includes a small amount of Pen tool work which makes it a great introduction to using the Pen tool which is a tool that a lot of people hate to use but which it can be of benefit to learn to use. You will see how to use the pen tool and how to adjust anchor points using their handles to form shapes. You will also see how to draw lines and apply strokes to the lines. Once the lines are made you will see how to group the lines together so that the lines all travel together in the illustration.

The clouds are made from shapes that are united together using the Unite option in the Pathfinder palette.

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Draw a Circle of Stars in Illustrator using a simple Blend

There is a trick to getting a blend of stars evenly spaced around a circle – here’s how!

See how to make a simple blend of any shape and how to wrap it around a circle (or oval) in Illustrator. This technique is simple to do and the video shows a handy trick for wrapping the blend around the circle so the shapes distribute evenly around it (hint: it involves the Scissors tool!)

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Make a Classic Glowing Neon Sign in Illustrator


This fun neon illustration is quick and easy to make in Illustrator

This video tutorial shows how to create a glowing neon sign in Illustrator. You will start by learning some quick and easy ways to draw the sign and then you will see how to make the neon glow. The glow is made in such a way that you can save it as a Graphic Style which means that you can then apply it to any shape in future. The entire sign is very easy to make even for a competent beginner Illustrator user and it is fun to make too. Once you’ve made it you can turn any drawing or even text into a neon sign.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Create a Retro Neon Sign in Illustrator

How to make a Las Vegas Style Retro Neon Sign in Illustrator

Neon is a fun effect to make and in this set of three video tutorials you will see how to make a retro neon sign in Illustrator. You will start by making the lights and the sign itself. In part 2 see how to add a glow effect to the sign to give it some light and dimension. In the final video see how to add the Neon text to the sign.

Here are clickable links to all three videos in the play order: