Try this scenario: you’re working in Outlook and you want to add a note to your inbox – perhaps instead of emailing your work address someone emails your home email address and you want to keep your work emails up to date so you want to note the conversation in your inbox. Here’s how to do it, using a Post:

  1. Click the folder to post into so you have it open.
  2. Choose File, New, Post in this folder and type your note – in my scenario it would be details from the email but it could, conceivably, be anything.
  3. Click the Post button on the toolbar and the note will be saved into the folder – you’ll know it isn’t an email because it has a special icon but it behaves like one so you can open and view it.

I love Posts. They’re are a handy way of recording information in an email folder when it’s there that you’d expect to find it.

Helen Bradley