I write for UK magazines so I often have to use pounds symbols and my mum’s and brother’s surnames have an ‘e’ with an accute accent – unfortunately neither is on my keyboard. So, to make things easier to write, I use a macro to convert a word to a typed character.

Here’s a sample you can use and adapt. It converts the words cents, pounds, degrees and division to their character equivalents and you can use it to replace almost any word or character with another single character, word or phrase of your choosing:

Sub ConvertText()
FindAndReplace “cents”, “¢”
FindAndReplace “pounds”, “£”
FindAndReplace “degrees”, “º”
FindAndReplace “division”, “÷”
End Sub

Sub FindAndReplace(FindThisWord, ReplaceWithWord)
Set EditRange = ActiveDocument.Content
EditRange.Find.Execute FindText:=FindThisWord, ReplaceWith:=ReplaceWithWord, MatchCase:=0, Replace:=wdReplaceAll
End Sub

Helen Bradley