Hmm – there is good and bad in everything I presume but I’m particularly bummed by the fact that a couple of the tools that I have grown to love in PowerPoint over the years have been removed from the new PowerPoint 2007. Well, perhaps love is too strong a word, but I liked them a lot and they’re gone.

Gone is the AutoContent Wizard but you can find much of its functionality in templates. There’s no broadcast feature and no macro recorder (but you can still use macros), and no title master – but there’s a new title layout which really makes better sense. All this I could live without, what I’ll miss is the Speaker Notes tool which let you record notes while making a presentation which you could save later on. Gone too is the summary slide tool which really is a big omission – summaries were a great way to create an agenda so folks knew what they’d be learning… poor choice of tools to go in my book.

Helen Bradley