It’s sad but true, Speaker notes have changed functionality in PowerPoint 2007. It makes good sense but it’s a feature to be missed by some.

In PowerPoint 2003 you could configure Speaker Notes to show on the screen at presentation time. This meant that even if you had only one monitor you could see the notes. Some folk used this tool – even though Speaker Notes weren’t technically designed to be viewed by the audience.

In PowerPoint 2007 the feature has been disabled. Now you can only see Speaker Notes if you have two montiors. One for the presenter and one for the audience. The Speaker Notes apppear on the presenter’s view.

So, the moral of this is, if you’re using PowerPoint 2007 and you want your audience to see something – put it on the presentation itself, you can no longer bury good stuff in Speaker Notes and then expect to show it at presentation time.

Helen Bradley