Ok, I’ll fess up, I had an email today in Outlook that I needed to print. I sat looking at the screen and that beautiful ribbon for a few minutes wondering how a hapless new user is ever going to remember that, inspite all the pretty buttons you see in front of you, there is no Print button visible. Ok , yes, it’s on the Office button (that multicolored thing in the top left corner of the screen) but it’s simply not easy to find and certainly far from intuitive. I wonder how many millions of words both spoken and typed will be spent telling students and new users to click the Office button – “you know, that funny colored button in the top left of the screen” – why didn’t it get a name? Like Tools, or File or Something, – Anything. Clearly no one on the design team has ever taught a class of students any application at all – because if they had, they’d have given that stupid button a name.

Ok, so back to my print dilemma. I obviously hadn’t had enough coffee because I blanked out and thought GD! How am I going to print this thing! There’s no print button! Yikes! All was saved by a trusty shortcut key… Control + P – write it down, remember it. When it seems like you can’t print something, in any application, give Control + P a go. It worked in Outlook, of course, it also works in Internet Explorer windows that open without menus or buttons. It’s one to remember, it can get you out of big fixes as well as little ones.

Helen Bradley