Julius Caesar gets to wear very cool shoes, I want boots like his.

Today is my last day in Rome and tomorrow I fly to Paris via London. Yes, I know, that makes no sense, neither does it that BA charges $250 for this flight and Air France from Rome to Paris would have been 10x that price. So, I go via London and get to check out the new Terminal 5!

But, today belongs to Rome. The weather was fantastic and I got an early start. The bright sunshine means that reflections abound – here are some I captured:

I am becoming a conniseur of which cars give the best reflections, love the way this one curves around and I promise, that paper was there already, I didn’t put it there:

I struggled to find any meaningful way to photograph the Colosseo and the Arco di Constantino. It was frustrating to think I’d come home with the same photos that everyone else had. And then I stepped in this really big puddle of water – hmmmm, puddles, water, reflections – got it! These are the two shots that made my day:

I walked past this church and didn’t even notice it – from the ground it looked like any other building. But, as I was checking out reflections, I caught sight of its tower and bells – I would have missed it otherwise. Double glazing in the windows has added character to these cool reflections:

Gotta love this guy, Piazza Navona is full of tourists in casual gear, cameras going everywhere and tons of noise and music and this guy is sitting, very dapper in his tie, drinking caffe and water and working – on a Sunday!

Ok, so this angel might look innocent enough but he is holding a mamoth sword in one hand – angels with swords? It’s Rome!

Remember your history lessons? Pop Quiz: a) ionic b) doric c) corinthian?

This is how they fix a horse that split his seams, statue detail, Piazza del Quirinale:

Very old number plate on a very old car:

Today was a little light on grafitti but this one caught my eye:

Statue detail from Piazza del Quirinale:

Finally, the sun sets over Rome’s Fiume Tevere:

Helen Bradley