Image showing how to copy part of a worksheet or a chart as a picture

Sometimes you need to place a copy of a worksheet or a picture of an Excel chart onto your website or into a document. When you need only the image itself (not the link or an embedded version of the worksheet) you can make a copy of the area or graph as a picture.

So, with the worksheet open, select over the area that you want to convert to a picture. Or, if you need a picture of a chart select the chart. Now, from the Home tab, click the Copy dropdown list and choose Copy As Picture.

From the dialog which appears, choose Bitmap if you want an image the same size as you see it on the screen. To get an image you can make larger than this, choose Picture as this creates an image which scales well.

Then select either ‘As shown on screen’ or ‘As shown when printed’ as required. Click Ok and the picture will be copied to the Windows Clipboard. You can now paste the image into another application using that application’s Paste tool.

Helen Bradley