Download a history of your Twitter Tweets today!

I could really do with a file of my tweets. It will help me to schedule future tweets by being able to recycle some of the best of our old ones. Luckily, recently, Twitter began offering this as an option. If you want to, you can download an entire file of your tweets from the first of them that you made.

To do this, log in to Twitter and go to your Settings, click Edit Profile and then click Account. Scroll to the bottom. There you will find a button Request Your Archive that you can press to get your tweets.

Wait and in a few hours and you’ll be emailed a link to download your entire archive.

This comes as a zip file which you must first unzip. There is an index.html file in the zip that you can run to view all your tweets in a browser interface. There are also other files containing them – such as a series of .csv files one for each month that you can open in Excel.


It’s a great way to get a permanent record of your tweets it you need it.

Helen Bradley