Here are some of my favorite tips for getting things lined up in Publisher 2003:

To move a number of objects together, select them and choose Arrange, Group from the menus or click the Group button which appears when the objects are selected. You can now move and size the objects all at once. Choose Arrange, Ungroup to ungroup them again.

The Nudge and Measurement menus help you move objects in small increments. Choose Arrange, Nudge and tear off the Nudge menu to have access to the buttons. The measurement toolbar (View, Toolbars, Measurement) helps you position objects with pinpoint accuracy.

To create a ruler guide, position your mouse over the horizontal or vertical ruler bar and, when the mouse changes shape, drag the ruler guide into position. To display rulers, choose View, Rulers. Use these guides as an aid for lining up objects on your page. Right click the guide to access other options.

Helen Bradley