When you copy and paste text from the web into a Word document, typically the hyperlinks come too. If you don’t want them – if blue underlined nonsense peppering your text offends your sensibilities (as it does mine) – here are some thoughts for removing hyperlink formatting from your text.

One option is to select the link and choose Insert > Hyperlink (or press Control + K) and click the Remove Link button in the dialog. That’s the hard way in my book.

Easier still is to select the text and just press Control + Spacebar. That strips the formatting from the text – leaving it as plain text. It also works to strip formatting from any text, a handy shortcut to know.

Now, if you get hyperlinks whenever you type a URL or email address you can stop this from happening by choosing Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat as you Type tab and disable the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks option. Now you can type all you like and the AutoFormat won’t affect your text.

Helen Bradley