Sometimes I really hate things I do. About a week ago I had high ideals about fixing my articles page and adding mini images to it. I slaved away in FrontPage for an hour or two and I had everything sorted out. I also added a new tutorial on creating planets, mini worlds – amazing circles – whatever you like to call them in Photoshop. Then I did something stupid. I uploaded it all but without really thinking about what I was doing. All I can assume is that I told FrontPage to synch the on and offline sites – result – it clobbered my blog – deleted everything including all my images.

Yikes. First thing I knew my Ad stats were down. I blamed Google for a day then went to see if the blog was live. Well that was a big No! Both of them totally gone. Luckily Blogger retains the text – what I lost was all the images. It has taken me a week to get this blog back up, the other one isn’t half done yet. I am seriously bummed.. what a big waste of time that was. But my articles page looks good [insert wry grin here]!

From here on in – I back up my blog images before I mess with the site. And, long term, I’m thinking about moving from FrontPage to Dreamweaver.. but first – Hey!- I have a blog to fix.

So, in the meantime, this lovely boat was high and dry in a creek near Brighton in the UK. Love the colours and the setting – this is one of my favourite images from the UK and it will be appearing in my new book next year.

Helen Bradley