Very cool… a site called Guide to Art Schools just published a list of their Best 50 Photoshop blogs and came in at number 17 of “the rest” meaning that after the top 5, this blog is rated 22. Not too poor a showing, thanks guys.

Interestingly they talked about the blog as being woman-centric which is pretty funny since there is nothing I see that is woman centric about this blog at all! But it made me think back to why it is at all.

The name harks back to a magazine that used to be around called Mac Home and I used to write project articles for them – sort of the how to style stuff that is my specialty.

Some time in early 2000, the editor David Weiss and I were kicking around ideas and he suggested we title my column Project Woman as in a woman who wrote projects – it sounded like fun so I took the opportunity to register the domain name just in case it all came to fruition and became something big.

As it happened only a few columns ever appeared in the magazine as it got sold then it crashed and burned along with some other stalwarts of the industry – many of which I wrote for – in the aftermath of the dot com crash. So, that’s the history of the name – thanks to David Weiss for the idea!

Helen Bradley