Roof detail, Florence, IT.

Clock near the Domo, Florence, IT.

I came to Florence really to see the statue of David which I had missed out on seeing when I was here the first time. I spent about an hour just sitting and looking at it – it really is a beautiful piece of work. You can’t photograph in there but luckily someone had taken good photos which were available as postcards so I have them.

The rest of Florence, I have now spent two and a half days photographing and I spent today in Siena.

Here are some of the results.
These first photos are from the statuary in the Piazza della Signoria. Photos of some of these statues I’ve been working with for a while now, courtesy of a friend (thanks Greg) who shot them about 8 years ago. It was funny to actually see them with my eyes. I spent quite a time shooting these capturing all sorts of detail as you see:

Of course, obsessed as I am by Graffiti there are always some shots of graffiti to entertain:

These are photos of the Arno River which flows through Florence. The first is of the Ponte Vecchio which is the oldest bridge here. The second is looking the other way.

You think when you see photos of the Domo that is looks pretty but, in reality, it is absolutely spellbinding and the colours and detail in the building are stunning. Here are some detail shots:

This is a tower in Siena – about 50km from Florence. The day was alternately wet and sunny – as luck would have it, sunny at just the right time and the clouds really made the shot:

My themes for this trip include manhole covers and this is one of the ones I found in Florence, I have a very big collection which is growing daily!:

Helen Bradley