OneNote is one of those underused applications which really should have a place in everyone’s day.

Planning a trip? Researching a topic? almost anything you are doing, OneNote should have a place in your toolkit. With OneNote 2007 installed you have better than ever integration between OneNote and, for example, Internet Explorer or Word. In Internet Explorer, find a site you like and which you want to keep the information from and you can. With the page visible, choose Tools > Send to OneNote and Internet Explorer sends the page contents and the URL to a new page in a OneNote notebook. It’s all stored ready for you to use when the time comes you need the information.

It’s fast and smart.

In Word 2007 you have a OneNote printer. Open a document and choose to Print it but this time, select the Send to OneNote 2007 printer and the document gets sent automatically to OneNote.

It’s a great place to store all your stuff, check it out. It was, from its inception a fantastic piece of programming and a leader in its field. It rocks even more in the new 2007 version.

Helen Bradley