In late December, I got a chance to savour the delights of Hong Kong for a few days. I have to say, I totally fell in love with the place. I loved the less touristy areas and this is one of them. These too cute trams run along a few miles of track on Hong Kong Island. They’re double decker trams and they are so fun to ride. This photo was taken along the route and it’s very typical of what you see – lots of breathtaking colour and busy streetscapes but also it’s all about a slower and more simple pace of life. It’s the complexity and contrast that is so captivating about travelling in Asia.

The photo is straightened out of the camera and it is also colour corrected to bring back the colour. My new Pentax K10D – which I absolutely love – takes photos which lack saturation particularly when I use a polarizing filter on it. I have yet to get a real handle on its behaviour but, for now, just shoot away and rely on Photoshop to fix the results.

One aspect of this photo and some others I took is the contrast between the saturated colours in the ligths and trams and the delicious pastel colours of the roadway.

Helen Bradley