Regardless of where you are travelling to this holiday season here are my top 10 things to have in your camera bag:

  1. 3 sets of batteries – one in the camera, one in the charger and one in your pocket
  2. Battery charger and a power cable suitable for use wherever you’re travelling
  3. Spare memory stick or smart card for extra storage on the road
  4. Cooler to put the camera in if it’s hot where you are headed (leave the ice behind)
  5. Polarizing filter to suppress reflected light for more color in your images
  6. Tripod for capturing panoramas, macro shots and for longer exposures
  7. Camera manual to refer to if you have questions that you can’t resolve
  8. Lens cleaning cloths, cleaning fluid and a brush to blow dust from the lens (not your shirt tail – please!)
  9. A variety of lenses including a macro lens if your camera takes interchangeable lenses
  10. Underwater camera housing for your digital so you can take it swimming with you

Helen Bradley