Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Move a Paragraph Up or Down in Microsoft Word (Mac)

When the Mac keyboard shortcut doesn’t work – here’s how to fix it!

In Word on the PC you can click in a paragraph or select a paragraph or two (or even a row in a table) and move it up and down the document using Shift + Alt + Up Arrow of Shift + Alt + Down Arrow.

Sadly on the Mac this doesn’t work the same. The Mac keystroke is a little different – press Shift + Control + Up Arrow or Shift + Control + Down Arrow. So far so good – problem is that these are the exact same keystrokes that display Mission Control and Application Windows on the Mac so they don’t work. That is until you fix them to work.

Now I don’t use Mission Control at all so I have no need to go backwards and forwards between Mission Control and Application Windows and, worse still, I often hit those keys by mistake so I can easily live without this shortcut. Turns out, if you disable that Mac default shortcut then the Word one works.

To do this, launch System Preferences and select Keyboard > Shortcuts. You need to disable two options here – Mission Control and Application Windows so deselect the two checkboxes and close the window. That’s all there is to it. Now the keyboard shortcuts Shift + Control + Up Arrow and Shift + Control + Down Arrow work just fine in Word for the Mac.


how to make the shortcut for moving a paragraph in Word for Mac work properly

It’s the small things that put the biggest smile on my face. This is a small change but I use it every day and I love it – hope it works for you too!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Trevor’s Quick Photoshop Tip – Shortcut key to your Photoshop Preferences

It’s a good idea to configure your Photoshop preferences so the program works as you want it to. So, after installing Photoshop check your preferences and change any that you need to set by pressing the shortcut keystroke Ctrl + K on a PC and Command + K on a Mac. Bonus tip – it works with Illustrator too!

Helen Bradley

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Trevor’s Quick Word Tip – Setting your Preferences

It’s generally a great idea to go through Word and set it up for your own personal working style.  Head to the preference area by clicking File > Options (Office button > Word Options in Word 2007) and click Advanced. Here you can set preferences for Editing, Printing, Display and so on to make Word work the way you want it to.

Helen Bradley

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Trevor’s Quick Word Tip – Paste Preferences

Setting up your pasting preferences in Microsoft Word can speed up your workflow when you’re working from another resource.  You can do this by clicking File > Options (Office button > Word Options in Word 2007) and then click Advanced. You’ll find what you’re looking for under the Cut, Copy and Paste section. Set your default paste preferences to those that best fit your needs and click OK.

Helen Bradley