Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Lightroom Tip – Adjusting the contrast and tonal range in an image

Using the Tone Curve to Adjust your Image

Using the Tone Curve, you have the choice of preset settings: Linear, Medium Contrast or Strong Contrast. Use these as a starting point for adjusting the image.

Select the starting point then drag the Highlights and Lights sliders to the right to lighten these areas. Drag to the left on the Darks slider to darken the Darks. To bring detail out of the shadows, drag to the right on the Shadows slider.

Helen Bradley

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Lightroom Tip – Recover Detail from Shadows in an image

Find Lost Details Hidden in Shadows and Darker Parts of an Image

When you have an image that has details lost in the shadows or darker areas of the image, the Fill Light slider in Lightroom 3 or the Shadows slider in Lightroom 4 can be used to recover this detail.

Don’t use either of these as a tool for lightening an image or to lighten shadows if there is nothing interesting in the shadows. Use them instead when you want to get some interesting detail out of the shadows.

The result of using the Fill Light and sometimes using the Shadow tool is that some contrast in the image will be lost – so you nay need to increase Contrast as a result of using the Fill Light slider in Lightroom 3 or apply a tone curve adjustment in Lightroom 4.

Helen Bradley

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

5 Light taming Tips for Capturing better photos

These handy tips will help you tame any light condition to capture great photos:

Tip 1 – Time of day

In the early morning and late evening the light can be quite spectacular and you can capture not only sunrises and sunsets but also interesting coloured lighting effects on trees, buildings and your subject’s face.

Tip 2 – Silhouettes

When the sun is down low look for opportunities to photograph into the sun and capture objects between you and the sun in silhouette. Look for subjects that have interesting shapes and where the skies behind them are well lit and colourful.

Tip 3 – Use available light

Look for light sources that are more interesting and varied than your flash. Place the subject close to a window to capture natural light or use reflected light, a skylight or even a lamp. Lighting a subject from the side is often more interesting than using the flash straight on.

Tip 4 – Capture Shadows

In the intense sun of midday look for interesting shadows and plays of light and dark on buildings and other surfaces. Although the harsh sun of midday is the worst time to photograph it doesn’t mean you can’t get great shots.

Tip 5 – Perfect skies with a Polarizer

Invest in a quality Polarizing filter for your camera. This filter cuts the glare and reflections when shooting in bright sun and at the beach or in the snow. It gives you bright blue skies and crisper more saturated colours.

Helen Bradley

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Arrivederci Roma

Proof positive that it is impossible to have too much of a good thing. When one reflection is just not enough, what about four or five?

Today, I walked around Rome for a couple of hours before heading to the airport for flights to London and then CDG in Paris.

I have loved Rome, I really didn’t expect to even like it – not sure really why I decided to come here but I certainly left a little piece of my heart here.

So here are todays pixs. First is proof postive that the early bird, if she doesn’t get the worm, at least gets the wonderful photo, I loved this tree throwing such a perfect shadow in the early morning light:

This wall is near the Villa Borghese gardens and it really captured my eye:

This statue made me laugh. It looks pretty angry with having to hold up the front of the Westin Hotel – and I’m not sure who the artist modelled it on, but it is a very ambiguous piece!

One of my themes this trip is lights and this morning I lucked out with this perfect shadow – you don’t get these in the middle of the day – you have to be up early enough to capture the light coming at just the right angle:

Here’s another of the light fittings I shot, they have such wonderful detail and they are so varied:

No great graffiti today, but this snippet caught my eye:

Autumn in Rome, I love how the reflection of the trees has painted this car:

When I was a kid, my brother had this cute little minature train set. This petrol station could have been part of his set. I guess when you have little cars and lots of scooters you don’t need petrol stations the size of supermarket parking lots:

And finally, another really old number plate on the cutest Fiat car:

Helen Bradley